Real-time imaging of drip irrigation wet bulb

Challenge Agriculture has developped a new tool for drip irrigation management : real-time imaging of wet bulb

We generate in real-time, on your Web account, a color video as well as a graph representing 8 median curves.

We install a Monitor R2-DX® connected to 16 sensors = 1 soil temperature sensor + 15 Watermark® sensors + 1 rain gauge and/or water counter.

Those 16 sensors are aucratly installed on 4 different bulbs, generaly on 2 different rows.

Measure, register and transmission are done with a frequency adapted at this irrigation mode, and generate 2 different tools : a video in color and a graph with 8 median curves. On the video, one can see evoluate a “statiscal bulb”, made of the 4 different bulbs instrumented, as if filming underground with a camera. On the graph, the medians show caracteristics of the bulb (by level in soil, by distance to drip, and the periphery of bulb too.

Imaging of wet bulb is a powerful agronomic tool, that we install on farms searching for performance. Imaging is a very pragmatic approach of drip irrigation.

Imaging allows manage the bulb and liberate full performance of drip irrigation, in terms of water and energy savings, yield …