Watermark sensor, mounted on a double diameter PVC pipe (50,75 or 90 cm long)

module solemWatermark sensor is equiped with a “Voltage module” 200SS-VA, compensated internally by a soil temperature sensor. Comes with a sheltered cable of appropriate lengh.

3 of those equiped sensors are connectable directly to this module : SOLEM LR-MS.

Plug standard 45 cm cable : black (-) red (+) white (signal).

Plug sheltered cable of 2 m or 6 m : bleu (-) rose (+) violet (signal)

The 200SS-VA Voltage Adapter for Watermark Sensors allows most loggers to read Watermark sensors, compensated by a soil temperature sensor.

Without metrological or methodological garanties from us.

61,00 143,00  HT

Additional information

Lenght of tube

Module Only, 50 cm, 75 cm, 90cm

Lenght of wire

45cm, 2m, 6m