A european leader

Challenge Agriculture was a tensiometry specialist with Irrometer since 30 years and a european leader of this technic.

Agronomy is progressing. Plants needs are water and minerals. We are measuring these needs and controling supply with stricts criterias to optimize production and minimize inputs.

Two simples principles

  • an agronomical vocation for the leader
  • technical projects that systematically ends with gains for the customer or the partner

The firm story is made of innovations.

Key dates

1989 – French leader français in irrigation control with tensiometry

1990 – Starting Watermark in France, Italie, Switzerland. Writing the knowledge book

1993 – Watermark becomes leader in France

2003 – Watermark leader in Europe

2004 – Watermark Monitor : automatic reading of the sensors. Work on the software

2006 – Starting telemtry development

2008 – Automatic transmission of the datas by GPRS

2009-2012 – Watermark service development

2011 – «Echography» of the bulb, drip irrigation, with 2 monitors and 16 sensors

2013 – Developping new hardware generation for sensors reading, data transmitting and valves control.

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