Irrigation management, Soil humidity, Monitor R2-DX ®, Watermark ® sensor

Challenge Agriculture has been monitoring irrigation, servicing and equiping irrigators and advisors, for over 32 years.

Tensiometry allows to observe soils et monitor irrigation in (almost) all situations of crop, soil, climate, irrigation equipment.

A performing irrigation, like any agricultural technique, combines a good advise, a good equipment, a good use of the equipment.

Good advise thanks to experience, good equipment thanks to WATERMARK ® and our dedicated plant, good use thanks to education and field service.

32 years of experience

For 32 years, Challenge Agriculture has equiped and advised farmers and advisors in irrigation management.

Take advantage of this unique expertise!

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We speak English ! Discover monitor R2-DX® and WATERMARK® sensors to monitor your irrigation with tensiometry, get a quotation, adapted advises and purchase online, with a few clicks.

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