The best irrigation

Tensiometry is very efficient to monitor irrigation, on the farm, in the garden, in the city. This technique is leading in the world. We have been using it succesfully for 35 years in Europe, and France has a good technical level.

The matter is to assoicate good advise, good equipment and good use.

Our advise allows to benefit field experience, to go quickly to result, without losing time. The service puts the tool in action properly, to get results the same year.

A technico-economical survey is proposed to evaluate volumes and issue of irrigation, together with the fields to be equiped.

The equipment out of our plant, garanties a good representativity and reliability of measures, usefull for a good decision. With an excellent ratio quality / price.

Field service allows a correct use of the equipement.

Installation / desinstallation of equipement

According to regions, we or our partners, propose a field service of installation / desintallation of Monitors, pluviometers, sensors, that insure good instrumentation if the soil and use of equipment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information.

Graph on line

Our cloud offers a graphical representation of results on smartphone, computer, tablet, via a WEB site, allowing a weekly advise “a step ahead”. This means we anticipate the evolution of tensiometric curves on next week, in order to planify irrigation. (see videos). This is more advanced than simple reading of graph in real time.

“A la carte” service

We propose, according to region, a complete service, with or without buying the equipment. The irrigator or technican follows the graph and advise on line, without caring about equipement, maintenance nor installation.