Batch of sensors F16

Marketed beetween summer 2015 and winter 2017.
F16 is stamped on green end.

Coefficient = 1

Previsible service life :

6 seasons of 3-4 months or 4000 measures
5 seasons of de 5-6 months or 4000 measures
4 years on perrenial crops or 4000 measures
Possible prolongation.

Automatic measures are now commun. 15 years ago, they were manual. The service life of sensors increased in the meantime, but the measuring frequency also increased . So, the service life is kind of equivalent, except with settings on short interval reading. The adapted measuring interval, to observe tension changes in the soil on most situations, is beetween 12 and 4 hours, depending on context.

Batch of sensors F13

Marketed : beetween mai 2013 and spring 2015.
F13 stamped on green end of sensor.

Coef 1

Comparison with water tensiometers :
F13 is comparable to F5.
0 to 30 cbars : F13 = tensio. Excellent sensibility. cb is significant.
30 to 50 cbars : F13 = tensio.
50 to 70 cbars : F13 slightly < tensio.

> 70 cbars : tensio gives up, when F13 keeps a continous strong slope.

Predictable service life :
5 saisons on annual crops.
4 years on perenial crops.
Possible extention.

Résultat complet des tests du lot F13.