New :

A dialog box is available under the charts, allowing exchanges beetween adviser and irrigator

Detail of the median :

See demo below : pointing on a median curve shows the constituting values.


Zoom on a period of time :

See demo below : one can zoom by selecting a surface with the mouse. Can be dezommed with a clic on upper left boton .


Synchronised zoom :

When dezomming a graph, all the graphs of a page display on the same interval of time.


Fonction on the legend :

See demo below : one can show / hide a curve, with a clic on its legend.

Pointing without clic on the legend, highligths the corresponding curve.



See demo below : by pointing on a sticker, one can read comments.

Comments are also listed under the graph

“Add comment” appears and cancel too. A clic on the graph, allows to add a sticker with comment, on the same spot.


One can add a comment on the pluviometer graph. See below.


Export of graphs

With the menu “Export” it is possible de get a PDF document or an image of the graph.


Cumulation of precipitations

Pointing on a barr, allows to display the cumulation for 1 day, 2, 3,5 days and from the beginning of the displayed period, modificable with the calendar, above.