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We manufacture this pack on a quick disconnect CPC. The pack is made of a soil temperature sensor, 3 pairs of Watermark sensors and an air temperature sensor. The 6 Watermark sensors are mounted on pvc pipe that we reduce with doble diameter, to secure perfect contact with the soil. Each pair of Watermark sensor is cabled to the cpc with sheltered cable , respectively measuring 6m, 6m et 14 m. This allows 3 repetitions  in field, which is a statistical minimum necessary to adress cultived soils structure heterogeneity and also water distribution heterogeneity in different irrigation modes : submersion, fload irrigation, gravity irrigation, micro-irrigation, drip irrigation. Watermark sensors measure water tension, beetween 0 and 239 cb (or KPa), in almost all situations of crop, weather, soil, irrigation equipment.

We also test and repair those packs in our plant. This also to given them a second life at reduced cost.

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Type de culture

Cultures annuelles, Cultures pérennes, Cultures pérennes grand écartement, Asperges, Echographie du bulbe GàG

Niveaux dans le sol

Enracinement superficiel, 2 niveaux, 3 niveaux, 4 niveaux

Nombre de sondes

8 sondes, 8 + 4 sondes, 8 + 8 sondes